Well done to Sam Mackay and the cast of the harrowing ‘Screw Your Courage’ play. Sam won an award for his leadership in the directing of the play and the way in which he used technology in the direction of  ‘Screw Your Courage’. Congratulations to Simon Brown who picked up an acting award for the way in which he played his role. Congratulations to Sam, Angus Wheelans, Tim Goodman and Josh Mortensen who won an award for their scene within the play.  George Lacey-Metcalfe’s performance also deserves recognition for the great way he played his lead role.

It was fantastic to see the support that the boys gave to the play and the leadership displayed by Sam, Angus Wheelans, Simon and others. It was great that once again the seniors included the juniors within the play and worked hard to put on a polished performance.