House Music

House music is and has always been an event that Julius thrives in. Our effort of regularly conducting whole house singing practices was at the forefront of the Julius house choir’s win this year. Musicians or not, the boys’ attendance to these practices was outstanding, showing that they really supported their house. Many musical boys, ranging from junior to senior years, took the initiative to help others pronounce words, sing correct melodies and be more energetic. The boys had respect for anyone who helped improve the song and this did wonders for the final product. All these factors were hard worked for and were duly taken into consideration by the judge on the night.

Julius also participated in the small vocal ensemble and instrumental sections for house music. I oversaw these two groups for many practices and I was stunned with the professional manner and musical talent these boys emanated. It was very enjoyable to arrange the small vocal ensemble piece, “Some Nights” by FUN, and watch as the group made gradual improvements until we had a great modern acapella piece. As well as this, the instrumental piece, “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel, took a long time to arrange into a form that was suitable for the group. But the boys persevered, taking adequate time to improve their parts and in the process forming the song into an epic jazz ballad. Both groups displayed musical integrity which ensured two impressive performances on the night.

Overall, Julius should be proud of its house music effort this year and hope to do even better next year

George Murray (Year 12)