Dear Julius House Community,

Below are some important updates on the activities in our House this month.

Lent Appeal

Every year the House runs a Lenten appeal in order to raise needed funds for charity. This normally takes place earlier in the year, but due to my absence we have had to ask the boys to fund-raise this term.

We have spoken about this as a House and the boys are aware that this is a requirement. As Lent is meant to be giving something up we have discussed that the boys should go out of their way to raise funds. They need to make a small sacrifice in the form of doing a job for a neighbour, babysitting, chopping wood, cleaning windows etc. The money they earn will then be donated to two charities, the St Philip Health Centre in Uganda (run by a CC old boy) and Ronald McDonald House. One hour’s work is worth $10.

This is not to be a case of your son asking you for cash the night before.

Last year the House raised $1000.00 which worked out at $15.00 a head. So two hours work is not a lot to ask from them and it will go a long way in helping yourself or others (grandparents/neighbours etc) out. I ask for your support and the boys to complete 2 hours of service and have the money in by Monday of Week 9.

See Our Causes for Lent Appeal on the CC website here.

Parent Function

Please keep Tuesday the 20th September free from 5.00pm until the beginning of the House plays. We will have a parent function in the Chapman Room where we can catch up and have a few drinks and nibbles before the House play. Even if your son is not in the play feel free to drop in. If you are bringing family along to the House play they are invited too.


House Sport

Harry Robson Speaking in Debate

Harry Robson Speaking in Debate

The boys have been busy in the last couple of weeks. In week four the Junior debating team of Matt Todd, Fergus Beadel and Harry Robson took on the Corfe team debating the merits of Pokemon Go. In a controversial decision they went down to Corfe and were eliminated from the competition. Well done to Fergus for gaining the Best Speaker prize.


The Junior Football side initially drew 1-1 in the second round against Harper. The match then went to a penalty shootout where we lost by the narrowest of margins.


The Senior Hockey side – for those of you who know Graeme Worner, you won’t be surprised that for every House match he watches, he writes a comprehensive report. Here is his one from the recent semi-final against Corfe. For the record, this is the senior side that ‘forgot’ to bring their mouthguards…

It would be fair to say that a betting man would look at the composition of the two teams and say that Corfe House held a distinct advantage. That would have been overwhelmingly reinforced when two Julius player were unable to start because they did not have the essential mouthguard.

So it was down to Alex Cohen, Hunter McKenzie and Thomas O’Neill to try to keep out the skillful 1st XI players, Ben Epton, James Donaldson and Will Duston. Early form suggested this would be unlikely, but against the run of play Alex Cohen scored from a mix-up at the back. True to form, Ben Epton then showed just how easily he could beat players to level the score. This was despite the massive amount of work being done by Alex Cohen, who had an impressive match. After four frantic minutes, Hamish Duggan returned with his mouth guard and immediately made an impact scoring the second goal for Julius after a deceptive dribble down the left. This was then followed by Julius missing two open goals and Corfe similarly squandering chances. At half time Julius were ahead by one and certainly the more ‘hungry and determined’ team.

The second half began with Henry Foster joining the match for Julius to bring them up to five players. In a second half of play dominated by Corfe, only one goal (Ben Epton) was scored despite a big increase in intensity. Thomas O’Neill and Hamish Duggan again were impressive for Julius, always making ground down the left but unable to finish.

At full time and the scores level at 2 – all, the match went to sudden death  … and it was sudden and against the pre-match form book. Julius through Thomas O’Neill took the ball again down the left and his speculative, going nowhere cross, somehow was inexpertly traped and defected upwards into the open goal by one if not two Corfe defenders. Julius were jubilant and worthy winners, and the Corfe lads were disappointed and rightly so.

The sideline comment was ” Corfe should have buried Julius House in the first 4 minutes when it was 5 against 3″   …. but they didn’t.

Isn’t it amazing the difference an early one goal lead can have to the self-belief of the underdog.

The 2nd XI certainly ‘ruled’ …. this time.

– Graeme Worner

The Senior Basketball side consisting of Zach MacGibbon, Tom O’Neill, Ben Thomson, Jon Ashcroft, Jack Beadel, Hunter McKenzie and Benji Clark  took on School House. School House happened to have the top basketball player in the school, Hunter Aarts. While Ben Thomson had been strategising and plotting for days how he was going to take Hunter out of the game, reassuring anyone on the House that would listen that his plan would work. On this day, Hunter out-witted Ben. While Zach M, Jon and Jack Beadel all had big games, unfortunately School got the better of us.


House Play

House Play Cast Read-Through

House Play Cast Read-Through

I have included the schedule for the House Play. For those new to the House, Julius has had a tradition in recent years of producing one of the strongest House plays. The play is directed and produced by the lads. This year the play is being directed by Jack Crossland, Jon Ashcroft and Benji Clark. I have been impressed with the organisation and the positive vibe that I have seen when I have watched the boys rehearse. I know that the timings are not always convenient for families, particularly of the younger boys. However, the seniors have had to try and book the spaces in competition with the other 9 Houses. Dayboys can get Boarders dinner by getting a ticket from reception if that makes it easier for your son.


House Play Schedule:


Tuesday 16/9/16 6.00pm OBT
Thursday 8/9/16 6.00pm Assembly Hall
Sunday 11/9/16 3.30pm Assembly Hall
Monday 12/9/16 3.45pm OBT
Tuesday 13/9/16 6.00pm OBT
(Tech Rehearsal) Friday 16/9/16 6.30pm Assembly Hall
Sunday 18/9/16 7.00pm OBT
(Dress Rehearsal) Monday 19/9/16 6.30pm Assembly Hall
(Performance) Tuesday 20/9/16 4.30pm Assembly Hall
We hope to see you all there on Tuesday night during Arts Week to support the boys and the House- it’s sure to be a fantastic evening!
All the best for the start of Spring,
Ben Vink
(edited by Nikki Bleyendaal)